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recruiting news and reports

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recruiting news and reports

called "The U", a film by noted director Billy Corben about the Hurricanes' on and off the field escapades during the 1980s and early '90s.

"When people watch the movie, people who love the Hurricanes will be reminded of why they love the Hurricanes," said Corben, a UM School of Communication alum. "And people who hate the Hurricanes, will be reminded why they hate the Hurricanes. You weren't neutral about the Hurricanes in the 1980s."

I've seen only clips of the UM documentary, but I'm very familiar with Corben's prior work "Cocaine Cowboys" is a classic and "Raw Deal: A Question of Consent" is a lesser known but equally brilliant piece of work.

Corben is an unrepentant fan of the Hurricanes, particularly those '80s teams that were gangsta before there were gangstas. Who else would allow Luther Campbell to record the theme song to his documentary?

"It's fair to say that in 1980s, much of America and much of Coral Gables wasn't prepared for this," Corben said.

Corben said there are parellels between "The U" and"Cocaine Cowboys", a story of the Colombian druglords who unleased a particularly ruthless brand of violence after invading Miami in the 1980s.

"They are very much the same story," Corben said. "Instead of the cocaine cowboys, it's a college football team. Much like the cocaine cowboys came in and turned the town upside down, in comes this college football team that turns college football upside down.

"Obviously, they were much more positive than the cocaine cowboys were, but in a way, it gave us a lot of negative publicity down here at the wholesale jerseys time. In a wild way, the more the rest of the country hated the team, the more the city loved the team. It was the outlaw city and the outlaw team and who wholesale nfl jerseys better to represent us than the University of Miami football team."

Which may be why UM administrators weren't keen to help Corben make the documentary. Corben said he interviewed 41 former players and coaches, but was "sent packing" when he requested the university's help in lining up interviews with three people current UM coach Randy Shannon, former athletic director Paul Dee and former university president Edward T. Foote.

"They really didn't give us any legitimate reason," Corben said. "They were extremely rude and disrespectful. It was a lack of professionalism, which was really upsetting coming from my alma mater. Ultimately, the best way I can describe it is a persecution complex. Somebody comes cheap jerseys around and starts talking about the 1980s, everybody's butt cheeks start tightening up. They get all concerned about, 'what's the angle, what story are you telling?'"

UM officials that I spoke with said they requested a script from Corben, but were denied. They also dispute Corben's claim that UM tried to "obstruct" the film makers from conducting an interview with former Hurricanes' coach Dennis Erickson. [Editor's note: In all fairness, considering all the negative publicity UM has had to endure regarding its football program has anyone forgotten the FIU brawl? you can somewhat understand the school's skittishness toward a project like "The U."]

Corben's two hour documentary, part of ESPN's "30 for 30" series, begins with Howard Schnellenberger's hiring in 1979 and covers the team's first four championships (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991). Corben's promises a sequel.

Long time residents or natives of South Florida will particularly enjoy the movie, Corben said.

"Through the good and the bad, there is this Miami '80s nostalgia for people that were there and experienced it for better or worse," Corben said. "That's what "Cocaine Cowboys" was about and this is the same thing."

But judging from some of the early reviews for "The U," you don't have to be a UM fan to enjoy it.

"Whether you're a lover or hater of the 'Canes, it's a fun two hours," Corben said.

By the way, UM Sports Hall of Fame is holding a fundraising Party at the Hurricane Bar and Grill in Miami Springs to watch the U The establishment is located at 363 North Royal Poinciana in Miami Springs. All proceeds go to the UM Sports Hall of Fame. Most encouraging is that after a few seasons of sputtering at the end of the regular season, the Hurricanes may have played their best game on Saturday in the 31 10 win against USF.

OFFENSE: Running with the Bulls? More like running over the Bulls. Facing a pretty good defense, UM registered 240 yards on the ground. Has there been a more valuable player over the second half of the season that Damien Berry? The most encouraging number rung up by a UM player on Saturday was a zero the number of interceptions thrown by quarterback Jacory Harris. It marked the first time in six games that Harris wasn't picked off. As has been the case all season with UM's opponents, USF's defense wasn't able to key on any one receiver. Harris' 11 completions went to 8 different receivers. But as well as the skill position players performed against the Bulls, the offense's MVPs were Orlando Franklin, who smothered touted defensive end George Selvie in his first career start at tackle, and freshman Brandon Washington, who played "phenomenal" according to coach Randy Shannon, subbing for Franklin cheap nfl jerseys at left guard. GRADE: A. Daniels managed a paltry 116 yards of total offense. After allowing the Bulls to march 83 yards for a touchdown cheap nfl jerseys with their opening possession of the second half, UM's defense held USF to drives of 3, 0, 1, 5 and 18 yards for the rest of the game. That's pretty impressive. Overall, the Bulls gained as many as 25 yards on only three of their 11 possessions in the game. UM's defense also continued to play very well on third downs, limiting USF to 5 of 13 conversions. Over their last four games, the Hurricanes have allowed opponents to convert only 18 of 55 third downs (32.7 percent). GRADE: A.

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Criminal investment fraud case against Walter and

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Criminal investment fraud case against Walter and Kelly Ng ends with whimper

It was touted as the largest investment fraud case in California history, but Wednesday, the criminal case against Walter Ng and his son Kelly ended with a cheap wedding dresses whimper.

The investors cheap prom dresses online are devastated more than 2,000 of them lost over $700 million in real estate funds. They doubted they would ever get their money back, but at least, they wanted the Ngs to face serious criminal charges.

In the plea deal the men pleaded guilty to "structuring transactions for the purpose of evading the reporting requirement" keeping cash withdrawals under $1,000 to avoid detection.

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more: Walter Ng Court Documents (PDF)

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Walter Ng, 84, will serve five years of probation and no prison time. Kelly, 57, will serve time in prison the guidelines call for at least 2.5 years, but that will be determined at a hearing in March.

The investors say it doesn't seem like justice.

"This seems like pulling Bernie Madoff over for jaywalking and getting him on jaywalking as opposed to what happened," investor John McGuire said.

"There have been suicides about it, at least one and it's shocking and really, really sad," investor Nancy Brandt said.

"There should be a real punishment here involved because a lot of people go to prison for very minor cases compared to this," investor Ben Leal said. "He's sort of getting off scot free and I don't think it's right."

This comes after a massive investigation by Cheap NFL Jerseys the FBI more than two years and hundreds of interviews. Prosecutors apparently let the statute of limitations run out on the more serious charge of securities fraud.

"There were a lot of blatant actions that could have been brought to light and never were, and unfortunately at this point, it's too late," investor Steve Brandt said.

Investors have filed a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo for its role in the Ng investment firms. The SEC has a civil case against the Ngs a fine is possible there. Walter Ng is still going through a bankruptcy the trustee has sold off his cars, jewelry and a membership in the Crow Canyon Country Club. That process will continue until the end of next year.

So many investors lost their life savings, their homes others lost more.

"We invested the NFL Jerseys Wholesale money that we received in a wrongful death suit when our son died and we used that money to fund a program at children's hospital and that money vanished," Burt Kurtin said.

After the Bernie Madoff scandal, there is a new IRS rule that lets investors write off their losses. But, the Ng's charge is apparently not serious enough, so these investors may not qualify. As one IRS source told the I Team, there will be a lot of angry investors.

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New York England Patriots

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New York England Patriots

The race to the post season continues to heat up as the teams jostle for play off position.

With week 12 comes a showbiz battle between two living legends of the game. Peyton Manning takes his Denver Broncos team to Foxboro for a clash with Tom Brady's New England Patriots.

The Broncos are the top seed in the AFC at buy fake oakleys 9 1 after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend, but a defeat replica christian louboutin shoes in New England could see them slide back into a wild card place.

There are a number of other important games taking place earlier in the day, including the New York Jets' visit to the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

Get in touch with your thoughts, comments or opinions throughout the night.

There are 12 contests taking place around the league today, the pick of which sees Tom Brady and Peyton Manning go head to head once again when the Patriots host the Broncos.

That epic game is the Sunday Night Football contest this week, but before then we have 11 games to bring you, starting with eight in around 15 minutes from now.

Sit back and strap yourself in because it promises to be another rollercoaster day in the most entertaining league in the world.

ADRIAN DURHAM: Wilshere, Lukaku and Sterling make my best players so far this season, but who is No 1? And who joins Bassong and Nolan in my worst three?

MARTIN SAMUEL: What Anelka did was twice as bad as Suarez baiting Evra and Terry's abuse of Ferdinand a 16 match ban would not be too harsh

JAMIE REDKNAPP: Welbeck is resurgent United's secret weapon. Dzeko the super sub comes to replica louboutin shoes the fore at City. and how Huddlestone is lighting up the Premier League

MAD DOG ON MONDAY: Rodgers was right to rant about Mason. Anelka celebration beggars belief. and why is it always the manager's fault?

NASSER HUSSAIN: The second innings capitulation is as bad as I've seen. it was completely unacceptable

FOOTBALL GRAPEVINE: United's 30m Koke deal back on. with Alonso also wanted by Moyes' boys, Saint Luke could be Spur of the moment and north London Cup derby stirs memories of Gazza

PATRICK COLLINS: British sport is booming, thanks to Murray and Farah, Rose and Froome. but it's surely too much to expect a miracle buy replica oakleys in Brazil from Hodgson's men

MARTIN KEOWN: Aguero, Hazard and Jagielka make my team of the season so far, but who else is in the mix? And which boss should take charge of my all star XI?

ADEBAYO AKINFENWA: The gaffer let me out of my cage against Tranmere. I knew I'd score and finally get to show off my dance moves on the pitch!

EDGE OF THE BOX: Saturday wasn't just about Mrs Crouch's Strictly win. this Christmas, the World Darts Championships will provide all the entertainment and drama

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Obama might change Redskins name if he were the owner

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Obama might change Redskins name if he were the owner

isn over the budget or Obamacare. It about a football team name.

And now President Barack Obama is weighing in.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Obama said if he were the owner of the Washington Redskins, and he knew the name was a sizable group of people, then he would about changing it. the politician, Obama suggested that he understands the fervor of a loyal sports fan. wholesale nfl jerseys But mascots and team names related to Native Americans can elicit strong feelings, he added.

don know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real, legitimate concerns that people have about these things, Obama said.

Redskins attorney Lanny Davis, responded to Obama comments, stating that the team honors a and tradition that does not intend to or disrespect a racial or ethnic group.

Davis, in his statement, mentioned other teams with names that cheap nfl jerseys reference Native Americans, such as the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Blackhawks, who hail from Obama home town.

The statement also mentions an April 2013 AP poll that found most Americans don think the Washington Redskins name should be changed pushing back on Obama comment that the number of people offended by a mascot could wholesale jerseys be a deciding factor on whether to change it.

Why is President Obama weighing in on this issue? Seems to me he should be more concerned about the government shutdown/budget debacle, getting answers on Benghazi that will satisfy the families who lost their loved ones on 9/11/2012, the IRS and its political bias in targeting certain groups, NSA spying on American citizens that is way out of control you see where I am going with this? President Obama will do anything to take the spotlight off these serious issues. Seems as though he spends more time "on the road" than he spends in DC doing what he was elected to do. Does he think folks don notice his avoidance of serious issues that face our country?

Well if they want the redskins to change their name then the cowboys should change theirs cause they used to shoot and kill indians but for gosh sakes that was over 100 yrs ago, then you have all snimsl activist getting involved because you have the colts bengals eagles dauphind broncos and then of course you have the giant cause if it offends any real tall people get offended then they will have change their names too! And then of course youd have to put a ban on all pow wows that everyone attends and the circle goes round and round!! When normal thinking people hear the redskins they are not thinking about the violence that took place over100yrs they are thinking football!and besides you all should be proud to be a chosen for anorganization that has been together gor 80 yrs and have such a beautiful logo and design your technically being honored and complimented so take it as such and dont cheap jerseys be so negative the cup is half full not empty

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Week 15 news and notes

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Merseyside Police and Liverpool crime news

FIRE: A man was treated by paramedics for smoke inhalation after a fire at his Wirral home. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service was called to the home on Park cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Road South in Birkenhead at 9.44pm on Thursday. The fire, thought to have been caused by food left cooking in a pan, caused slight damage to the kitchen. The man was out nfl jerseys nike china of the property when firefighters arrived. Station manager Mark Thomas said: "We advise people have working smoke alarms on each level of their home and never cheap nhl jerseys from china leave cooking unattended. Fires involving food cooking can produce large volumes of smoke which can cause people to become disorientated and can lead to unconsciousness." Firefighters had left the scene by 10.34pm. For free fire safety advice, call 0800 731 cheap nfl jerseys 5958.

Trinity Mirror Merseyside, the Echo's parent company, is one of the wholesale nhl jerseys North West's largest multimedia providers reaching cheap nfl jerseys from china more than 900,000 adults every month.

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Week 15 news and notes

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Week 15 news and notes

Adrian Peterson, Vikings (Sunday vs. Saints)

Probable, ankle. will be back on the field. Still, the Saints have been a decent run stuffing team the past few weeks, and Peterson is bound to be a bit rusty. And just because he back, I wouldn expect him to get more than 15 to 18 carries. If he yours, you probably have to start him, but don expect more than six or seven points unless he finds the end zone.

Probable, back. Why he was ever listed as questionable is, well, questionable. He has practiced fully all week, and will be fine come Sunday. Unless you have Rob Gronkowski, you certainly starting Graham this week against a defense that can handle his physicality.

Mark Ingram, Saints (Sunday at Vikings)

Out, toe. This is no surprise. With Chris Ivory healthy, there just no reason for Coach Sean Payton to put Ingram on the field. (Of course, however, if you were counting on Ingram to play, you either long gone from the playoffs or you had some really bad luck with injuries.)

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (Monday at 49ers)

Questionable, ankle. He is unquestionably the toughest quarterback in the NFL, and it would be a surprise if he doesn give it a go. However, this is a fairly tough matchup on the road against a playoff team coming off a loss. Here one decision that won get any easier by waiting (unless he ruled china nfl jerseys out, of course). The thinking has to be that if you have any sort of decent option on the bench, you going to have to make the switch, as playoff time is not the time to take such risks.

Andre Johnson, Texans (Sunday vs. Panthers)

Out, hamstring. At least there no decision now. There was no free shipping wholesale jerseys way Gary Kubiak was going to risk playing his star wide receiver three weeks before the the franchise first ever playoff game. There a good chance he won play next week, either, so keep an eye on him as you enter championship week.

Kevin Smith, Lions (Sunday at Raiders)

Questionable, ankle. Smith has practiced in a limited capacity all week. There a good chance that he suit up Sunday, and if he does he has a great matchup against the league 29th ranked run defense.

Wes Welker, Patriots (Sunday at Broncos)

Questionable, knee. Has been limited in china nfl jerseys nike practice all week. This isn a new injury, and he has just been dealing with it so there really is no reason to expect anything other than he play Sunday. Although Denver is 16th in the NFL against the pass, it has fared much better as of late. It would be risky to sit Welker, but if you have a comparable option it probably is the way to go.

Laurent Robinson, Cowboys (Saturday at Bucs)

Questionable, shoulder. He play, but how effective will he be with Miles Austin fully recovered? It tough to sit Robinson because he has been such a boost the past seven weeks, and his matchup couldn be much better. My take is if he active, you probably just have to suck it up and go with him.

Felix Jones, Cowboys (Saturday at Bucs)

For those who hung on to Jones this long, you have been rewarded. DeMarco Murray has been placed on injured reserve, and Jones immediately steps back into his old spot. No question he should be fresh, and he played the part well last week against the Giants. With a great matchup Saturday night, he would be a fantastic start as an RB2 or Flex. By the way, we not ignoring the Cowboys addition of Sammy Morris. Rather, the move is insignificant enough not to expand on it.

Jordy Nelson, Packers (Sunday at Kansas City)

Greg Jennings goes down and likely will miss the remainder of the regular season, which makes Nelson the odds on favorite to become the No. 1 WR. Not so fast, my friend. He and Jennings are two different kinds of receivers, and rather, I think this means Jermichael Finley plays a larger role in the Packers dynamic passing game. Also with this matchup, Nelson likely will have to go up against Brandon Flowers, who has done a great job shutting down his opponents. One last thing: Nelson is averaging 16.7 points per game in six contests at home, but just 7.3 in his seven road games. Very significant.

Michael Vick, Eagles (Sunday vs. Jets)

From the sounds of things, his injured ribs are giving him just as much trouble this week as wholesale jerseys free shipping they did last week in his return to action. It doubtful he will give a significant fantasy performance the rest of the way, and especially against the Jets defense. If you haven already, it time to look for another option and give up hope that Vick can be an elite point scorer in the last three weeks.

Jake Locker, Titans (Sunday at Colts)

Both he and Matt Hasselbeck are a bit roughed up after facing Gregg Williams aggressive D last week. If Coach Mike Munchac was smart, he realize that Locker not only is the QB of the team future, but he gives them the best chance to win now. For fantasy purposes, he could be a nice replacement option for Vick or Cutler owners, and for those in keeper leagues who have not closed their transaction periods, scoop this guy up.

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